Principals I live by and think you should too.

  1. Be real. Vulnerability is your greatest strength. It’s a profound tool to changing how you show up. Keep sharing our own fears, insecurities, and fuck ups.


  1. Be a person, not a guru. Don’t bullshit people.


  1. Have a rounded life, but PLEASE for the love of God, don’t strive for “life-balance”. Life-balance is a myth. It’s unattainable. Some weeks you’ll hit the gym every day. Some weeks you’ll eat like a  rock-star-vegan-paleo-champian and take your vitamins every day. And some weeks you’ll work an 80 hours week, eat like shit, and not know where your gym bag is.


  1. Do your own inner work. It’s vital to keep questioning your understandings. it’s essential to personal growth to deepen your perspectives. This keeps us wise. Life ages us, we’ve all got that going for us. So, may as well age well. Take each day to grow deep and be wise.

As someone who has experienced a serious degree of turmoil in her life from a very young age, and up to this very day, I sincerely believe that even the most disheartened clients can restore happiness and find joy in their lives. My approach to healing is grounded in the belief that clients already possess the tools and resources necessary for overcoming obstacles that are causing them pain, regardless of how insurmountable those obstacles may seem. My goal is to help you uncover these hidden resources and identify and transform any self-defeating behaviors that are standing in your way of loving your life with your whole heart.

In order to make change we have to look at the major five areas in our lives that affect our happiness. These five areas are: health, money, career, love and relationships, and a connection to something greater. We have to address each one to assess what’s working and what’s totally sucking and needs some love.

I will listen to you as you describe the changes that you want to make, and together we can start on the journey toward living a life well lived. I have skillfully interwoven the fields of psychotherapy and coaching, drawing from cutting-edge psychology, nueroscience and healthy-lifestyle design.

I offer that one unique, well-designed transformative experience that will create a total breakthrough in the quality of your personal and professional life. I will teach you the art and science of Creating a Life Well Lived.

“There is light in the darkness. But we have to be committed to look for it. Once found, it grows. Like a candle in a dark room. Soon your darkness will be taken over by a soft, comforting light which in time, will reach into every corner of your conscious mind” ~laurel

My creds…and other fluffy stuff.

I have an invested interest in being the best therapist and coach I can be and continue to grow and learn from my ongoing research and studies

  • I am a formally trained psychotherapist and holding a master’s degree in Social Work.
  • I am licensed by the state of Colorado to practice psychotherapy as an LCSW.
  • I am trained in Stan Tatkin’s Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy.
  • I am trained in level II EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) therapy.
  • I am trained and certified with Kim John Payne as a Simplicity Parent Coach.
  • I am certified as a Health Coach through Holistic MBA Health Coaching
  • I am level I certified as a Healing Touch trainee and energy worker.

***I have taken the Boulder Institute for Psychotherapy and Research (BIPR) year-long course in psychodynamics and have a keen interest in neuroscience and Adult Attachment theory, both of which greatly inform my therapeutic work and are areas of professional development that I devote a significant amount of time to studying and researching.  

I have been in private practice for many years, helping individuals and couples unlock the keys to living a well-lived life. I really look forward to connecting with you and would feel blessed to participate in your life’s journey.


Be well…