Do you crave peace?

Peace with food. Peace with life. Peace with your body? Peace in your relationships?

Here are a few things I know you already know.

Peace does not come by reaching your pre-pregnancy weight or by fitting back into your favorite college jeans. Or, by continuing on a path of unfulfilled relationships, feeling lonely or living in self-loathing. Let’s stop the war against ourselves.

Deep down you know you are worth more than any number on a scale or dress size. Deep down you know you’re worth owning your beauty at any age, any weight, with any number of wrinkles.

You also know that you are deserving of the same kindness, trust, and compassion you show to those you care about.

You know that peace cannot be faked. You don’t want to try to fake it anymore. You are starving for the real-deal feeling of being comfortable in your own skin. You are craving to FEEL GOOD NAKED regardless of shape, and size.

Feeling Good Naked is about stripping away the bullshit, the story, the unfulfilled promises. It’s about stripping down to our core and finding our peace that lives buried deep inside. And it’s about finding the props that will support us as we venture into the discomfort in search of ourselves.

Somewhere along the way, you started to believe that it wasn’t safe to trust yourself. To trust that you could feed yourself what you’ve been hungering for your whole life. Somewhere along your journey it became clear that feeling good naked meant starving, stress, over exercise, self-punishment, and self loathing. At some point you decided, feeling good naked was not an option and opted instead for the struggle. The struggle and stress both literally and figuratively of feeling unsatisfied and forever hungry and craving more…

I know the struggle well because I have been that hungry woman. For many years I lay restless. My days rolled on, one after another and life never filled me up. I was consumed by cravings I couldn’t satisfy.  I thought this was just my lot in life and I had better deal, white-knuckle it, grin and bare it. I once believed I just had to resign. But my journey lead me to find out that there is far more to our existence then just doing and being what we’ve been told and sold.

So I made my professional work reflect my personal journey, because I can’t bare the thought of another women not living to her fullest potential and at least once in this life time experiencing what it’s like to FEEL GOOD NAKED!

Today, my life’s work is to teach, model, and encourage women to trust their hungers, listen to their wise self, and to not stop until they’re full.

FEEL GOOD NAKED is an intensive 3-month masterclass for women who want to come home to themselves, make peace with  their food, and nourish their lives.

We’re going on a 12-week guided journey from September to November 2016. We will gather together to connect, to share, to encourage, to uplift, to nurture, to heal, and to grow. We will meet in my sweet quaint office space in downtown Boulder on Thursday mornings from 9:30am to 11:30am. We will being on September 1st and run for 12 weeks every Thursday.

It’s a radical act for a woman to choose a life of Feeling Good Naked, rather than a life of discomfort and constant craving.


Here’s what I’ve prepared for you in this intensive, first-of-its kind learning experience:

  • a supportive community of like-hearted women to journey with you
  • lessons based on years of study and research as well as my role as teacher and mentor to hundreds of women
  • opportunities to self-reflect and assess where you’re at, in writing and in spoken conversation
  • clear, practical tools and the guidance to put them in motion
  • a safe space that will allow you more ease and grace in your life for your own hungers to show up and be seen, heard, and fed

Together, we will Feel Good Naked.


My programs are NOT a quick-fix diet mentality.

I will guide you in making simple adjustments that can have huge results and create life-long habit change in ALL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE.

This is not a weight loss program.

This is a program designed to strip away your hardened outer layers sometimes so essential in this intense world, and bare your sweetness to this world.

I believe that your body is the best source of wisdom for itself. My job is to help you tap into that wisdom and honor what your body wants and needs!



Here’s a tour through all twelve modules of Feel Good Naked. As you’ll see, the flow of the 12 weeks is: three weeks on, integration week, four weeks on, integration week, three weeks on.

During integration weeks there is no new content during  lessons. We gather as a group to reflect, digest, coach around obstacles,  and practice what you’ve learned so far. Coming to group during The Integration weeks is optional. I’ve done this because 12 weeks is a long commitment to make. People may need to skip a week and I wanted to make sure people weren’t going to feel like they were missing valuable content or missing out on something if then needed to take a week off.

*Weeks Five, Six, Seven and Eight are based on the concepts explored in the groundbreaking book Intuitive Eating.


Self-Compassion – Being kind to yourself. Anchor in. Set Intentions. Root Down. A gift given to each participant commencing our journey.

WEEK TWO~ If you choose, you will begin your online cleanse with Conscious Cleanse.

Caring for the Sensitive Soul with physical and spiritual practices. Looking at physical habits, how is this be a kind of spiritual practice? Addressing self-care as a spiritual endeavor. Looking at water intake, chewing food, slowing down.

WEEK THREE~ Second week of the cleanse

Effective Emotional Coping – self-soothing & feeling feelings with greater ease. The importance of sleep.


Integration Week – No new content. Just come to group to be.


Honoring Hunger & Fullness – dancing to your natural eating rhythm. Meal timing. Magic plate. The art of sensual eating.


Eating Freely – becoming your own eating expert. Letting go of stress. Stress, cortisol, the nervous system and it’s connection to fat accumulation.


Pleasure & Satisfaction – tasting the power of delight to bring ease and enoughness


Joyful Movement – (re)discovering what it feels like to really be in and enjoy body. Healing wounds; old wounds; emotional wounds; physical and psychological wounds.


Integration Week -No new content. Just come to group to be.


Life Inventory. Look back where you came from and get curious about where you’re going.


Putting it all together. Gathering a sense of you. Examining and articulating your 5 most empowered lessons from our time together and constructing a sense of what this means for you.


Integration & Closing Ceremony – notice. honor. celebrate. A personalized gift given, commemorating the end of our time together.


When you register by (August 1st or earlier) you can choose between paying one-time in full $997 or in two installments of $500. During this initial time period will also receive a complimentary one hour one-on-one session with Laurel to be used anytime during the duration of the course. (this can be used for couples work/therapy if desired!)

Those who apply after the early bird deadline (August 2nd or later) can choose between paying one-time $997 or in two installments of $500.

The monetary cost of Feel Good Naked represents the significant value engaged participants will receive. Participants will benefit from years of my personal experience and professional training, my study and curation of the most excellent and deeply helpful resources available on the topic, plus my experience in facilitating hundreds of women of all ages, sizes, and walks of life through the tender territory of feeding one’s true hunger and finding their way back to peace.

But perhaps most importantly, your investment in Feel Good Naked is an external commitment to the inner transformation you are stepping into. Into this program, I have put the very best teaching, trainings, experiential and empathic insights I have around helping women transform. And I am bringing together a marvelously wise and insightful group of women to come alongside you on your inner journey.


Early bird applications open: July 15th

Early bird application deadline: August 1st

Final application deadline: August 23rd

First payment due one week from acceptance

Feel Good Naked begins: September 1

Feel Good Naked ends: November 17th

Spaces are filled on a first-come, first-apply basis.


Encourage the growth of self-compassion

Quiet the inner critic

Attune to emotions and better cope with them

Root deeper into our relationships

Eat in a way that is aligned with your what your body needs

Learn the art of sensual eating

Derive pleasure from any food

Joyfully move your body

Identify what you are truly craving

I offer all of this so you can finally Feel Good Naked


Above all I believe that choice lives where we pay attention. This year presents lots of opportunities to tune out — and one beautiful opportunity to tune in.

That’s Feel Good Naked.

If you hunger to pay attention so that you can make different choices
and crave the support of an expert guide and the care of a community
of allies, Feel Good Naked is for you.

It would be my honor and my joy to support you as you walk the path
to becoming a Well-fed Woman.


1634 Walnut St. Suite 201, Boulder, CO 80302

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