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My work is dedicated to the awakening of the heart. I do this in a variety of ways, which include coaching you to foster outer peace in your life and your world through developing personal inner peace. In sessions I offer teachings and techniques that help people move beyond fear, negativity and egoic limitation and awaken them into their highest potential.

I know what it’s like to feel unsatisfied in life and unhappy at work. I know what it’s like to struggle in my marriage and feel lost in my parenting.

Most of us come to a point in our life when we are forced to reflect on what’s working and what needs to be restructured or disassembled and rebuilt all together. My own personal and professional life is a reflection of many difficult but necessary transitions. As I journeyed through personal and professional changes, I realized that transitioning wasn’t just about overcoming the obstacle in front of me, but actually about a profound process that deepened my understanding about myself, my partners, my children, and my career.

Making change often means gaining greater understanding of ourselves, and diving deep into personal growth. However, I am very aware that this process can be challenging and scary, but overall it holds a unique opportunity to re-evaluate what’s working in your life and what needs to be adjusted so that you can thrive personally and professionally.

What do sessions with me look like?

During sessions you’ll be able to identify and develop concrete strategies for meeting your goals and get the support you need for staying committed to making positive change. Although the road ahead can seem daunting at times, truly surprising things can happen when you are willing to invest your time and emotional energy toward living and feeling better. With help and support it’s possible to become a change agent in your life and rewrite the story.

What you can expect from me…

I practice from a deep place of heartfelt love, understanding and nurturing compassion. I am on your team and ally myself with your process so you can feel well cared for along your journey. Being the receiver of your pain and aiding you in moving forward is my purpose.

I am all heart and I take good care of yours while we work together.


When you’ve spent your whole life in a relentless race to keep up with the Joneses, it’s easy to feel your time on Earth is slipping away. Perhaps you’ve become a zombie to the nine-to-five, someone who does just enough to get by, but draws little passion, fulfillment or enthusiasm from life.

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When you first met your partner, you may have experienced the many wonderful feelings of warmth, attraction, love and intimacy. However, you may now find that you and your partner constantly argue and bicker over seemingly trivial things.

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Before you had children, you might have dreamt that you would create a blissful domestic setting in which everyone would coexist in perfect harmony. However, once you were faced with the reality of raising a family, you might have quickly learned that things weren’t going to be so easy.

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Relationship conflict and confusion can leave you feeling powerless to achieve your life’s ambitions. As a child you might have always dreamt of cultivating a partnership epic enough for the history books, but became disappointed after discovering that reality is much harsher than fiction.

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