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Create a Life Well Lived

I know for a fact that this life is about bravely continuing on despite current circumstance. To do this we must honor the past while birthing a whole new existence for us to step courageously into.

I help people trust, know and express themselves better by sharing the tools that helped me heal my own heart and live a self-directed life. My work is steeped in self-compassion, kindness and practicality and I share my own creative and healing journey to inspire you on yours.

I love process and it’s infinite wisdom for bringing about clarification.

My clients change their perspective.

Clean up their thinking.

Settle their feelings.

My business and purpose in this sweet short lifetime is about Creating Lives Well Lived.

I am all heart and I take damn good care of yours while we work together.

I am interested in your deeper well-being and bouncing you like a spring-board into doing something differently in the world—in your life–in your marriage–in your job–with your kids.

When we change how we see things, the things we are looking at  start to look different.

My clients understand that working with me means they’ll have to do the work. It will be uncomfortable. You will cry, most do. There will be times you’ll want to cancel our session, and you might. You’ll wiggle, you’ll squirm, but the point here is that change is uncomfortable for damn near every human on this planet.

I hold your pain and your discomfort with a gentle demeanor, like my life  depends on it. 

“Taking the risk while you’re afraid anyway, that is the work.” 

Do your own inner work. It’s vital to keep questioning your understandings. it’s essential to personal growth to deepen your perspectives. This keeps us wise. Life ages us, we’ve all got that going for us. So, we may as well age well. Take each day to grow deep and be wise.

My goal is to help you uncover your own unique hidden resources and identify and transform any self-defeating behaviors that are standing in your way of loving your life with your whole heart.

In order to make change we have to look at the major five areas in our lives that affect our happiness. These five areas are: health, money, career, love and relationships, and a connection to something greater. We have to address each one to assess what’s working and what’s totally sucking and needs some love.

I will listen to you as you describe the changes that you want to make, and together we can start on the journey toward living a life well lived. I have skillfully interwoven the fields of psychotherapy and coaching, drawing from cutting-edge psychology, neuroscience and healthy-lifestyle design.

I offer a unique, well-designed transformative experience that will create a breakthroughs in the quality of your personal and professional life. I will teach you the art and science of Creating a Life Well Lived.

“There is light in the darkness. But we have to be committed to look for it. Once found, it grows. Like a candle in a dark room. Soon your darkness will be taken over by a soft, comforting light which in time, will reach into every corner of your conscious mind” ~laurel

My creds…and other fluffy stuff.

  • I am a formally trained psychotherapist and holding a master’s degree in Social Work.
  • I am licensed by the state of Colorado to practice psychotherapy as an LCSW.
  • I am trained in Stan Tatkin’s Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy.
  • I am trained in level II EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) therapy.
  • I am trained and certified with Kim John Payne as a Simplicity Parent Coach.
  • I am certified as a Health Coach through Holistic MBA Health Coaching
  • I am level I certified as a Healing Touch trainee and energy worker.
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