Laurel MulhollandAbout Me

While I have always loved working with people, when I began my graduate work in 2002, I imagined a path of International Social Work. My dream job was working for an NGO in Africa advocating for women’s rights around family planning, reproductive health and sexual assault. But an unintended pregnancy, divorce, child custody battles, another marriage, more children, and some family trauma and death informed a very different life path for me. It was through the process of re-evaluating, reassessing and working diligently to understand myself and the choices I’ve made in this lifetime, that I have come to understand how we can make peace with the sudden unexpected changes life delivers, and create A Life Well Lived despite tragedy and encountering the unexpected.

I now work as a psychotherapist and coach and realize this is my true calling. I was called to this work by a craving to understand life and why we face certain challenges we find ourselves facing. I am dedicated to the process of helping others find peace amongst the rubble and rebuild one intentional brick at a time.

In addition to being a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of Colorado, I am certified as a Parent Coach, Couples Therapist, Life/Health Coach, EMDR Therapist, and Energy Healer. I am registered as a Licensed Psychotherapist and have been in private practice for 8 years.

I skillfully interweave the fields of psychotherapy and coaching, drawing from cutting-edge psychology, neuroscience and healthy-lifestyle design. I deliver an individually tailored approach to each of my clients informed by the following disciplines: EMDR, Transpersonal Psychology, Jungian Psychology, Solution Focused/Strengths Based Therapy, Mindfulness Therapy, Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Practices, Psychobiological Approach To Couples Therapy, Simplicity Parent Coaching, Energy Healing Modalities including Reiki and Healing Touch.

A tad bit more about my story….In case you were wondering.

I live in Boulder Colorado, but my heart’s home is in the wild untamed coastlines of Northern California. I grew up without a father and found him when I was 18 years old. He’s British and finally at age 41 I am now a dual citizen. I was raised by a gypsy mother, and the thrill of home-less-ness lives in my blood. I crave the open road, I live for adventure, and I believe in magic and miracles. I have 3 daughters. My husband is a nurse. In 2017 he had a cardiac arrest and died for 25 minutes. He’s alive now by the grace of a miracle and modern medicine. So the take-away? Life will endlessly surprise you.

I look forward to hearing your story. And wish you magic and miracles.