HereBlog1I am wondering…As I sit in Bodega Bay, looking out at the incredible massive mother ocean…What is the intention of my being.? What ‘am I here to do? What am I here to know? To say? To be?

Being here, in my life; in my body; in my skin; in my marriage; in my career; with my children is a big bag of deeply complicated emotions. Sometimes it is deep love, sometimes deep stress, sometimes deep bliss, sometimes deep worry, sometimes I want out, sometimes I want more of all I have, and lots and lots more of it!

BUT sometimes I want to run to find the quiet, or the noise, that reminds me of who I am, not just what I’ve become…

Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?

HereBlog2I believe your original self and all its great capacities are present from day one.

Jungian analyst, James Hillman calls it “the acorn theory.”~

The idea that our lives are formed by a particular image, just as the oaks destiny is contained in the tiny acorn. The acorn theory explains that we are born with a soul that shapes our destiny. Our full potential already lives within us. Sometimes, due to life circumstances this potential lies dormant until we encounter a crisis or until your life conditions become the ideal environment for you to grow. The acorn theory says that there is an individual image that belongs to your soul…That our calling in life is inborn and that it’s our mission in life to realize its essence.

Hillman explains: “The acorn theory expresses that the unique something that we carry into the world, that is particular to us, is connected to our inner voice.”

An example of this is might be how a parent thinks about her child. We often say, “This is my child.” ANOTHER way to think about our child is to ask the question, “Who is this child who happens to be mine?” The parent will actually gain a lot more respect for the child and try to keep an eye open for instances where the kid’s destiny might show itself — like in resistance to school, for example, or a strange set of symptoms one year, or an obsession with one thing or another. Maybe something very important is going on there that the parent didn’t see before.

HereBlog3So in these fleeting moments between work, children, and life I cherish the moments when I am truly just here. Here in a moment. I catch a glimpse of life purpose and it fills me to the brim with excitement. So many people are looking for this, LIFE PURPOSE…

Here is a hint… becoming you is your life purpose. Ask yourself “who is this person whose body I happen to be in?” You are the very purpose of your existence.

Realizing what lights you up; makes your smile bright; keeps you feeling amazing; makes people laugh; creates “your glow”; energizes your spirit; and tugs at your heart strings is vital information for moving forward and vital information for creating an amazing life, totally worth living!

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