Are You Struggling to Maintain Peace In Your Household?

  • LaurelGirlIs the stress of raising a difficult child tearing your family apart?
  • Do one or more of your children often act angry, irritable, aggressive or out-of-control?
  • Has a recent separation or divorce made communication difficult with your co-parent?
  • Do you and your co-parent have conflicting values, parenting styles or ideas about discipline?
  • Do you worry that the chaos, hostility and negativity in your household are negatively impacting your children?
  • Do you desperately long for a future in which everyone in your family can get along, but fear that peace and reconciliation are impossible?

Before you had children, you might have dreamt that you would create a blissful domestic setting in which everyone would coexist in perfect harmony. However, once you were faced with the reality of raising a family, you might have quickly learned that things weren’t going to be so easy. Today you may find yourself struggling to handle a difficult, defiant and obstinate child. Your son or daughter might often have violent, out-of-control temper tantrums or act physically or verbally aggressive. Despite this, you may wake up each morning with a resounding sense of resolve. “Today I will not yell at my child,” you might tell yourself. “I will get my child to listen to me. I will not give in to tantrums. I will get all of my children to school on time!” However, your resolve may quickly be dissolved by a reoccurring pattern of family chaos. Your son or daughter may refuse to get out of bed and get ready for school. What’s more, breakfast may be so deplorable that it’s worthy of a major tear-filled meltdown.

Alternatively, you may be struggling to agree on a parenting strategy with your partner or ex. You and your co-parent may have very different values and temperaments when it comes to parenting, leading to tension and conflict in your relationship. Disagreements regarding parenting can become especially hostile if you are divorced or separated. In a post-separation situation, your children may become confused about inconsistent rules and boundaries, perhaps comparing one household to the other or professing to prefer one parent over the other.

Regardless of whether you’re struggling to manage a difficult child or get along with your co-parent, you may worry about the impact fighting and chaos is having on your children. You may dream of cultivating a harmonious household, but have started to feel powerless to take control of the situation.

Parenting Is Never Easy!

It may seem as though you are the only parent in the world who is struggling, but this is simply not true. Almost every parent struggles with some aspect of parenting. If a difficult child is running the show in your household, keep in mind that no one is born perfect. We all threw tantrums in the grocery store, made our families late, resisted homework or screamed “I hate you!” at our parents. In other words, no one escapes childhood without being a pain in the butt.

However, you may need to seek outside help if you’re starting to harbor negative feelings about your child or the stress you’re experiencing has become unmanageable. Thankfully, parenting coaching can help you improve your interactions with your children, repair your relationship with your co-parent and put more control in your hands.

Parenting Coaching Can Help You Get Your Family Back On Track

LaurelBabyParenting coaching is the most effective intervention you can use for handling a difficult child or resolving conflicts with your co-parent. Just as a personal trainer can help you reach your physical and nutritional goals, a parenting coach can help you identify the aspirations you have for your family and come up with a game plan for reaching them.

Unfortunately there is no single handbook for parenting, nor are we born knowing how to be perfect parents. To the contrary, parenting is a continual learning process filled with trial and error. In this respect, parenting coaching can provide you with a shortcut to becoming the best parent you can be. It can offer you a structured environment in which you can learn about yourself, your children and the patterns playing out in your family dynamic.

During parenting coaching sessions, you can take a deep, introspective look at your relationship with your children and co-parent, identify situational, environmental and emotional triggers that lead to conflict, and experiment with different responses to disruptive behavior. Because each child is different, you’ll be exposed to a variety of parenting tools that you can tailor to meet your family and child’s unique needs. These can include learning to validate your child’s experiences and emotions, using healthy, age-appropriate modes of communication and setting healthy boundaries with your child. By using these strategies and more, you can stop impulsively reacting to your child’s unruly behavior and start responding from an informed perspective based on parenting principals that work. In addition, if you’re having trouble getting along with your co-parent, I can help you improve communication skills and develop a coherent parenting plan. In sessions, you can learn effective ways to resolve conflicts instead of sending each other spiteful emails or pitting one household against the other.

Laurel-Mulholland-Relationship-Coaching-Boulder-COAs a working mother of three who is living and loving in a blended family, I understand the problems we face as parents. I practice an approach grounded in Simplicity Parenting, which views the art of parenting from the paradigm that says less is more. By using this approach, you can spend less time talking, yelling and reacting, and instead embody calmness, self-reflection and creativity. You serve as a model for your whole family. With the right approach and a willingness to engage in the therapy process, you can ensure that everyone’s needs are being met and experience more harmony in your home.

Perhaps parenting coaching seems like the right path, but you still have some questions and concerns…

Parenting coaching is too expensive.

You can get support for your parenting woes now, or you can pay for it later. By not investing in your family today, you may actually end up spending more money in the future on things like teen therapy, divorce attorneys or your own individual therapy.

I don’t have time to go to parenting coaching.

I work hard to accommodate a variety of schedules and lifestyles. I can come to your home or office, meet for lunch or we can conduct sessions through Skype.

This is just a phase. Things will get better with time.

Things may get better with time, but are you willing to take the risk? Your children only get one childhood, and you’ll never be able to go back in time to repair old wounds. Right now you have the opportunity to provide your children with the best childhood experience possible.

A Peaceful, Harmonious Household Can Be Your Reality

With the help of a parenting coach, it’s possible to cultivate a healthy family dynamic for your children. You can call me at (720) 224-3722 to ask any questions you have about parenting coaching or to schedule an appointment. Also, feel free to skim my blog where I provide helpful parenting tips and tricks.