Telephone Coaching

Telephone coaching is much better for clients than face to face, local life coaching

Over 91% of All SUCCESSFUL Coaching Is Conducted through telephone coaching. Here are the many reasons why.

  1. Telephone coaching virtually guarantees that you will be connected with your ideal coach.

With telephone coaching, you will be able to select from coaches located almost anywhere. The odds that your ideal coach will be within reasonable travel distance are extremely low. So you can focus on how well they meet your ideal coach requirements, without geographical limitations.

It is essential that you connect with a coach YOU really like, trust and respect. Please do NOT settle for just any coach! You want to be very selective. It is not the wand, but the magician!

  1. Telephone coaching is less costly.

You will not have to pay for ANY travel expenses with telephone coaching! Whether for you or your coach. You will also not waste your valuable time traveling.

Telephone coaching fees will be much lower that face to face coaching. Your life coach will not have to pay for an office, or dress up to meet you. Most in person coaches are charging upwards of $250 per session hour. I keep my fees at $150 for all virtual coaching.

Telephone coaching requires less time than face-to-face coaching. You and your coach get into coaching right away, without having to deal with the normal social graces required in face-to-face meetings.

  1. Telephone coaching is much more effective.

It has been found that telephone coaching will have a success rate of over 96%, while face to face has a success rate of only about 37%. Why? Because when you need to build into your life arrangements to get to travel to a coach, weather, sick kids, work, car issues, can all impeded. So, getting on the phone means it is less likely something will get in your way, meaning it’s more likely you’ll be consistent with the work, meaning higher success rate.

You will answer the open ended coaching questions more completely and more honestly over the telephone. You will not be distracted by the physical appearance of your life coach, because you will not see the coach. Human nature causes most people to feel that another person is either “Superior” or “Inferior” to them by their height, weight, dress, smell, mannerisms, and other physical attributes. It happens naturally.

The most important relationship between you and your coach is that you are the center of attention in an equal partnership. If you feel that your coach is “Superior” to you, you will NOT open up to the coach for fear of judgment. If you feel your coach is “Inferior” to you, you will NOT open up to the coach because you do not respect or honor the coach.

Telephone coaching focuses entirely on you, without any fear of judgment or disrespect. Telephone coaching is the Great Equalizer.

With telephone coaching, you will answer all questions with virtually no bias or pressure from your coach. Since you cannot see your coach, you will NOT be affected by their personal mannerisms, that most people react to. You will only face silence after hearing telephone coaching questions and you have only one place to look for the real answers, within yourself, which is exactly where the truth has been waiting to come out.