Women at the Well

WLW (10)Have you ever deeply craved the feeling of genuine heartfelt connection with other women? Have you wondered where a place is that you can go and be yourself in your trials, tribulations, successes, and endeavors of parenthood, relationship, career, spirituality, and all that is involved in the tapestry of womanhood?

Out of deep longing to be in community with other women I created a group called Women at the Well. Women come, sit, talk, write, eat, laugh, but most of all, women come, take a time out, and breathe!

The multiple roles that we commit ourselves to daily, in a year, over a lifetime are many. We plough through; we pull it off whether it was a good day or a bad day. We continuously show up and fulfill our many roles. But the role that often gets neglected is the role of inhabiting self for self-sake. So the idea of Women at the Well is that we are showing up for our self because chances are no one else can show up for you in the same way you can.

Women need:

  • Connection with women
  • A space to relax
  • A place to feel normal
  • To speak without interruption
  • To think without disruption
  • To write with clarity
  • To feel support without asking
  • To feel held

Women need a place to gather as women.

What is offered?

  • Meditations to encourage dropping into self and breathing deeply
  • Writing prompts for engaging the spirit and mind to find greater clarity to our relationship to children, partners, careers, spirituality.
  • Discussion to encourage dialogue around what is working in your life and what needs major or minor tweaking.
  • Clearly stated suggestions and thoughts on how to make those tweaks in your life that need tweaking.
  • Connection and community and lots and lots of it
  • My energetic and emotional holding of you as you engage in a process of opening up and being in vulnerable connection with others.

Next Group:

No Groups are currently running. Please email me directly to be added to the list of group announcements.




Join us!