WorkBlog1I am responsible for meeting part of my family’s financial needs. When I say responsible I mean if I didn’t work we wouldn’t survive. My work sometimes consumes me. Actually, it always consumes me. Do I feel terrible about this? Yes! Why? Because I am a mother, a wife, a cook, a housecleaner, an errand boy, a chauffeur… shouldn’t those be my priorities?!?

Well, maybe they should… But I don’t Should on myself. And neither SHOULD you!

But yes, I still feel terrible, because I can’t be all I want to be all the time. But one thing I know is that I can strive to be my best in every moment of my day. And the other thing I know, I can forgive myself for not being my best when I would’ve like to.

Now, you might be asking well what does she do that is so important. So important that it would make her turn away from precious moments, like school assemblies, class, plays, and parent teacher conference…What’s so much more important?


I serve you. I am here to be in service to you. And it is with pleasure and honor that I am blessed to be…

  • the recipient of your pain.
  • the recipient of your loss.
  • the recipient of your suffering.

Why do I consider this a blessing?

Because I care. I care about you feeling the way YOU want to feel in your life.

I work solely for the purpose of helping people feel better about themselves and the roles they have taken on in this life. AND I AM damn proud to say that I work with you to create a life of meaning; to create a life that feels well lived; to create a life that feels worth it, but above all, a life that feels profoundly meaningful. You see, I get to work at a job that makes me feel profoundly meaningful. Everyday I change lives and I want you to experience this shift in personhood. I want you to know that you can be loved through your pain, suffering and loss. I want you to know that you can be valued beyond the constricting boundaries of family obligations, child rearing responsibilities, and soul crushing SHOULD’s.

WorkBlog2YOU can be valued for just you. BUT you have to value yourself for just being you; Just you and who you are. Your value is not measured by what you should be doing; it is not measured at all. You are just you, operating as you. We are not a measure of our should’s, we are not a measure of our unrealistic ideals. We are just who we are.

And every day the idea of who we are may change. But the bottom line… we all operate from a place of survival, a place of heart centered striving to provide for our family; to create peace, harmony and ease.

So please, if another’s work does not look like yours, don’t judge. She’s trying her hardest, she’s working hard to survive. Just like the rest of us. Don’t pass on a should to her but most importantly don’t pass on a should to you.


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